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Who We Are

Cadre is a technology-enabled investment platform that connects qualified individuals and institutions to fully vetted, compelling real estate investment opportunities.

Flexible Real Estate Investing
We differ from the traditional fund or REIT model by offering increased investment-level transparency and discretion, lower fees, and a more flexible commitment structure.

Rigorous Underwriting
We employ a rigorous approach to sourcing, underwriting, and ultimately investing in opportunities we find attractive. We assume ongoing oversight and asset management responsibilities on behalf of our investors.

Industry Relationships
We rely on our extensive network of industry relationships, as well as our reputation as a preferred capital partner, to continually pursue a steady flow of differentiated opportunities.

Our Approach

Cadre takes a fundamental, value-driven approach to investing. We seek to identify commercial real estate opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted value relative to replacement cost, stabilized cash flow, and comparable sales.

We target income-producing properties in major U.S. markets with compelling fundamentals. Our focus is primarily on office, multifamily, and retail assets, though we broadly seek opportunities with the potential for value-add through capital improvements, proactive lease management, and market positioning.

  • 1Sourcing

    Our network of high-quality operator relationships is the cornerstone of our strategy. We rely on their local sourcing and operating capabilities to drive differentiated investment flow. Our partners choose to work with Cadre as their capital partner given our:

    1. ability to act quickly
    2. longstanding relationships, industry knowledge, and in-house capabilities, and
    3. superior partnership terms relative to most available sources of capital.

    While most opportunities do not meet our underwriting standards, we are focused on efficiently pursuing those that we find compelling.

  • 2Due Diligence

    We fully underwrite each transaction in order to mitigate risk and develop a clear picture of an investment’s potential. We perform comprehensive diligence on:

    Asset: Business plan, tenancy, structure, environmental and legal review
    Market: Demographics, supply and demand conditions, comparable transactions, local regulations
    Operator: Executive team experience, track record, operating platform

  • 3Investment Committee

    Our Investment Committee, chaired by Michael Fascitelli (former CEO of Vornado and head of Goldman Sachs real estate banking), must review and approve any transaction. We seek concurrent approval from our equity facility provider. This facility enables us to fully commit to transactions with speed and certainty of execution.

    Our senior team then invests in every transaction we pursue. In short, each opportunity on our platform is vetted, and committed to, by aligned investment professionals with significant real estate expertise.

  • 4Presentation to Investors

    Once we commit to a transaction, we provide through our technology platform a transparent set of information for investors to review.

    Our team engages with investors as needed to facilitate analysis and diligence.

  • 5Asset Management

    We believe in proactive asset management, both to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunity.

    We are in constant dialogue with our operating partners, and maintain various control rights on behalf of our investors. We are directly involved in the planning and implementation of business plans, and provide ongoing reporting and analytics for our investors and operating partners.

The Investor Process

Our Team



  • How are Cadre’s investments structured?

    Investments are typically structured as limited partnerships. For each investment, we enter into a joint venture with our operating partner, who invests alongside us in the transaction and is responsible for day-to-day management of the property. We assume responsibility for oversight, reporting, and major decisions on behalf of our investors.

  • What size transactions does Cadre pursue?

    We typically pursue transactions requiring a minimum equity investment of $20 million. We utilize prudent leverage at the property level, in an amount and form that we believe is accretive to each opportunity.

  • How frequently are Cadre transactions available for investment?

    We focus on quality over quantity. Our senior team invests in every transaction we pursue, which instills both patience and alignment. We are constantly reviewing opportunities but only act on the small subset we find compelling. As such, only a small number of investments may be available at any given time.

  • What is Cadre’s typical hold period?

    Our investment horizon varies by opportunity but a typical business plan assumes a 5-7 year hold period.

  • Investors

  • What is the minimum investment?

    Our investors range from qualified individuals committing six figures per transaction through larger groups and institutions committing more sizeable amounts.

  • When and how will I receive distributions?

    Distributions are typically made quarterly from available operating cash flow and are automatically deposited into investors’ bank accounts. Size and timing of distributions depend on the business plan and performance of each investment. Investors are notified of upcoming distributions and are able to track their distribution history through our online platform.

  • What if I want to diversify my investment across multiple transactions?

    Cadre offers a Managed Account option that provides diversified allocation across transactions within a defined set of parameters. Please email us at if you are interested in learning more.

  • Operators

  • What does Cadre look for in its operating partners?

    Our operating partners typically have experienced senior management teams, strong track records, and demonstrated execution on similar investment opportunities. We look for alignment of interest and can offer flexible joint venture structures.

  • What geographies are of interest to Cadre?

    Our focus is primarily on major U.S. markets. We prefer submarkets and locations that demonstrate compelling supply-demand dynamics and where our operating partners have proven local expertise.

  • How quickly can Cadre close on an investment?

    We react according to the situation and have the ability to move at least as quickly as any fund or other institutional partner. An equity facility allows us to commit with certainty. We engage with partners and opportunities anywhere from the pre-bid to post-deposit phase of a process.

  • What types of controls does Cadre require?

    Our operating partners typically control the day-to-day management while we seek to share in major decision rights.

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